As the founder and art director of VeraHo Production, Vera Ho shape the delicate, graceful and aesthetic features of the works of the studio that are characteristic of the feminine perspective of visual art which make photographic records of human figures without missing spontaneity of emotional expression.

Vera has been putting premium on capturing the movements of female human figures early on. With the practices and working experiences with friends, models, customers over a long period, a wealth of know-how have accrued to Vera on photography.

Infatuated with visual arts, Vera majored in Cinema & Television. Weaned on photography working experiences and the large amount of movies she had been exposed to, she is well-versed with the ways to balance the static and the dynamic in photography and never fail to come up with works with a flavor of motion pictures. The habit of reviewing a film every week that she has been in so far has kept her informed of the latest trends in photography aesthetics.

For Vera, it is photographers who capture passion and beauty. When it comes to photography, it is

neither the identities nor the appearance but the characteristic presentation of every individual evocative of unique charm that counts. The eyes, breath and the body language are all components of the work. Capturing facial expressions and movements that convey niceties of emotions doubled with the delicate development are vital to Vera’s photography philology.

Beauty could be visualization of philosophies. As female photographer, Vera is perceptive and insightful in photographic aesthetics and its presentation in comparison with male photographers.

The smiling faces in the picture could be interpreted as the anticipation for romantic love or freedom. While the embracing figures on film communicate affection for each other through their eyes glittering with love. Vera shows unusual perception of details, captures them on film and develops them into pictures with.

In a word, in works by Vera, what play the vital roles are the details reminiscent of beauty including the visualization of the spectrum of emotions.