The year 2013 witnessed the birth of VeraHo Production first in Dongshan Guangzhou and its later transfer in August the same year to Sanmu Community of Guangzhou. Though in embryo, the first studio was run on small scale with devotion to make photographic record of beauty.

The year 2015 saw the relocation and expansion of the studio to Huabiaopin Peak which with an architectural area of 2,000 sq.ft indoors shooting in the studio, photographic works display as well as the customers’ right to privacy.

The year 2018 found VeraHo Production’s flagship store opening in Liby Center in Guangzhou. With an architectural area surpassing 5,000 sq.ft decorated in modern as well as elegant style, the flagship store boasts bigger studio and lounge and showcases the characteristic charm that unique to VeraHo Production, which promises leisurely and soothing experience for consultation visits and quality tailored photographic service.

The past five years and the expansion of business area from 500 sq.ft to 5,000 sq.ft bespeak the

growth of VeraHo Production as a brand name studio as well as its pursuit of beauty, which finds the most manifest testimony in the interior design of the flagship store.

The sunlight streaming through the French windows on the second floor brightens up the lounge. The pale colored wall matching with marble floor, doubled with forest green suede sofa and metallic decorations, adds to retro flavor in the modernity of the overall design.

Various sectors are in place, with the administration in the well-illuminated room, the technical section in the darkroom, studio on the flank of the lounge. Permeated with fragrance of fresh flowers each day, the flagship is lined with verdant plants in vessels of various shapes.

The brand new flagship with meticulous decorative details speaks volumes for VeraHo Production’s aesthetic philosophy.